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This is a basic question. I've "installed" all the bits for a Turtlebot3 on my ubuntu running in vmware.

I have run roscore.

I have explicitly run a single script which creates a single new topic, cmd_vel.

But when I list rostopic list is see a long list of topics (see below).

It is clear that those topic come from the Turtlebot3 installed code. But my question is what ended up "invoking it"? As the only thing I've run are roscore and my little script, lots of other code must be in play to declare those topics.

Can someone please clarify?

Here's the list:


Originally posted by pitosalas on ROS Answers with karma: 628 on 2017-07-25

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Possibly you are running RViz or something similar. If you have subscribers, topics will appear. You can check with rostopic info.

For example rostopic info /camera/depth/camera_info will give you publishers and subscribers if there exists any.

Originally posted by Akif with karma: 3561 on 2017-07-25

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Original comments

Comment by pitosalas on 2017-07-25:
I guessed something like that, but where or what or how did RViz get run? If it's installed (rosdep) at all does it always run?

Comment by Akif on 2017-07-25:
Of course, no. We can get a better idea if you can post the output of rostopic info /camera/depth/camera_info for example.


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