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I have managed to build a nodelet (tegra_stereo) and it is detected when I run "rospack plugins --attrib=plugin nodelet"

 image_view /home/ashwath/catkin_ws/src/image_pipeline/image_view/nodelet_plugins.xml
 image_proc /home/ashwath/catkin_ws/src/image_pipeline/image_proc/nodelet_plugins.xml
 image_rotate /home/ashwath/catkin_ws/src/image_pipeline/image_rotate/nodelet_plugins.xml
 image_publisher /home/ashwath/catkin_ws/src/image_pipeline/image_publisher/nodelet_plugins.xml
 stereo_image_proc /home/ashwath/catkin_ws/src/image_pipeline/stereo_image_proc/nodelet_plugins.xml
 depth_image_proc /home/ashwath/catkin_ws/src/image_pipeline/depth_image_proc/nodelet_plugins.xml
 tegra_stereo /home/ashwath/catkin_ws/src/tegra_stereo/nodelet_plugins.xml

I want to run the nodelet. I couldn't find any helpful tutorial to do that. How do I start the nodelet? Or how to call the nodelet on another ros program?

Update 2 I could launch the nodelet using the following launch file.

<node pkg="nodelet" type="nodelet" name="standalone_nodelet"  args="manager"/>
<node pkg="nodelet" type="nodelet" name="tegra" args="load tegra_stereo/tegra_stereo_proc 
standalone_nodelet" output="screen">

This is what I get on rqt_graph standalone_nodelet doesn't connect to tegra_stereo standalone_nodelet doesn't connect to tegra_stereo

This is on my rostopic list


/stereo/cam1/image_rect/compressed/parameter_updates /stereo/cam1/image_rect/compressedDepth /stereo/cam1/image_rect/compressedDepth/parameter_descriptions /stereo/cam1/image_rect/compressedDepth/parameter_updates /stereo/cam1/image_rect/theora /stereo/cam1/image_rect/theora/parameter_descriptions /stereo/cam1/image_rect/theora/parameter_updates /stereo/disparity /stereo/disparity_raw /stereo/disparity_raw/compressed /stereo/disparity_raw/compressed/parameter_descriptions /stereo/disparity_raw/compressed/parameter_updates /stereo/disparity_raw/compressedDepth /stereo/disparity_raw/compressedDepth/parameter_descriptions /stereo/disparity_raw/compressedDepth/parameter_updates /stereo/disparity_raw/theora /stereo/disparity_raw/theora/parameter_descriptions /stereo/disparity_raw/theora/parameter_updates /tf

The nodelet subscribes to the following topics but it does not work for me. There are no messages on the /stereo topics. Any insights on doing this? Thanks!

Originally posted by ashwath1993 on ROS Answers with karma: 70 on 2017-06-08

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Comment by lucasw on 2017-06-09:
What does rostopic info /kitti_stereo/left/image_rect and rostopic info /kitti_stereo/right/image_rect show? Also what does rosnode info on the rosbag node show?

Comment by ashwath1993 on 2017-06-09:
Subscirbers : None for both left and right. Node [/play_1497032227332749755] rosnode info for the bag shows the default rosbag services and the publications of the rosbag. Connection is with /rosout only

Comment by ashwath1993 on 2017-06-09:
@lucasw, i added the update to the quesiton.


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http://wiki.ros.org/nodelet/Tutorials/Running%20a%20nodelet has a copy of this example nodelet launch file https://github.com/ros/common_tutorials/blob/indigo-devel/nodelet_tutorial_math/plus.launch

Originally posted by lucasw with karma: 8729 on 2017-06-09

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Comment by ashwath1993 on 2017-06-09:
Yes, I have tried this. It launches the nodelet. I am not able to communicate with it. The nodelet subscribes to 2 image topics. When I play the rosbag with the 2 image topics, I can see the topics on rostopic list, but no output from the nodelet as no connection forms between the bag and nodelet

Comment by lucasw on 2017-06-09:
Do you have a nodelet manager running?

<node pkg="nodelet" type="nodelet" name="standalone_nodelet"  args="manager"/>

Comment by ashwath1993 on 2017-06-09:
I did that. It connects the nodes now. But one of the nodes dies. "[standalone_nodelet-2] process has died [pid 27763, exit code -6, cmd /opt/ros/kinetic/lib/nodelet/nodelet manager __name:=standalone_nodelet" I don't understand the error

Comment by lucasw on 2017-06-12:
You could make a new question that is focused on the tegra_stereo nodelet (and has that in the title so people familiar with it can see it). Other than that you would have to debug the nodelet yourself http://answers.ros.org/question/35171/how-to-debug-nodelet-manager-crashes/

Comment by lucasw on 2017-06-12:
Also check the tegra_stereo github page for alternate branches or more up to date versions to try out.


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