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Hi all

I am using a .bag file with RTAB-map ROS. It uses some static transforms between different camera frames to do the mapping.

Edit: An example bag file that shows the buggy behavior can be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ox0xq6ctg2b9jl/small_test.bag.tar.gz?dl=0

The launch file to launch RTAB-Map can be found here: https://pastebin.com/ZhXb5r5U

When I feed "data.bag" into RTAB-map, it works fine. Now, I create a dummy filtered rosbag, using:

rosbag filter data.bag data_filtered.bag "topic != '/thistopicdoesntexist'"

As this topic doesn't exist, it should create an identical .bag file. However, when I try to feed "data_filtered.bag" into RTAB-map, I get many errors like:

[ WARN] [1494031985.023853640, 1493939596.985478852]: Could not get transform from camera_depth to camera_color after 0.100000 seconds (for stamp=1493939594.615704)! Error=". canTransform returned after 0.10093 timeout was 0.1.".
  1. It seems that the filtered bag somehow is missing data from the static TF transforms. When I "rostopic echo -b data_filtered.bag", however, it shows that the static transforms are there.
  2. It seems that the dummy filtering actually alters the .bag. Both MD5 hash and file size are changed between "data.bag" and "data_filtered.bag"! No compression is used. Why is that?

Maybe the problem is related to the time stamp? In any case, I am using use_sim_time=true, and I am also using --clock when playing back the .bag files.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • ibd

Originally posted by ibd on ROS Answers with karma: 3 on 2017-05-05

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Original comments

Comment by matlabbe on 2017-05-08:
Do you have a small rosbag to share?

Comment by ibd on 2017-05-08:
Updated the original post with a bag file and the launch file I use to launch RTAB-map.

Comment by ahendrix on 2017-05-08:
This looks similar to https://github.com/ros/ros_comm/issues/685

Comment by ibd on 2017-05-08:
ahendrix, it seems related indeed. Is there a clean fix for the .bag files I already have? Maybe changing the timestamp of the tf_static topic messages? Another idea I have is to setup a bunch of static_transform publishers. But, it would be a bit tedious for my workflow...

Comment by matlabbe on 2017-05-09:
I tested the small bag and I can reproduce the problem in RVIZ too: when selecting Fixed Frame option, the static transforms won't show up in the pop-up menu with the "filtered" bag. Like ahendrix pointed out, it is like the static transforms are not latched anymore after filtering.


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Static transforms are not latched anymore after filtering, see issue referred by@ahendrix in comments above: https://github.com/ros/ros_comm/issues/685

Workaround: create again the static transforms (from $ rostopic echo /tf_static of the original bag):

   <node pkg="tf" type="static_transform_publisher" name="link1_broadcaster" args="0 0 0 0.0797399667325 0.0797399667325 -0.702596283584 0.702596283584 device imu 100" />
   <node pkg="tf" type="static_transform_publisher" name="link2_broadcaster" args="0.0614856 0.00362063075446 -0.00414834496616 -0.990888233858 -0.00632257304794 0.00756104017168 0.134325588569 device camera_depth 100" />
   <node pkg="tf" type="static_transform_publisher" name="link3_broadcaster" args="0.0107366 0.00259880751323 -0.00281526009239 -0.990532183761 -0.00782511402323 0.00422548927873 0.136992356591 device camera_fisheye 100" />
   <node pkg="tf" type="static_transform_publisher" name="link4_broadcaster" args="0.0614856 0.00362063075446 -0.00414834496616 -0.990888233858 -0.00632257304794 0.00756104017168 0.134325588569 device camera_color 100" />

Also don't forget to use <param name="use_sim_time" value="true"/> with rosbag play --clock when replaying the bags.

I also noticed that the clock published by the bag is not synchronized with stamps in topics: it starts at time ~1494273103.819191 while topics start at time ~1494273096.775229216. Topics are ~7 seconds in the past. Is the clock of the computer recording the bag synchronized with tango clock?



Originally posted by matlabbe with karma: 6409 on 2017-05-09

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Original comments

Comment by ibd on 2017-05-09:
Thank you for the workaround. At least these transforms are constant across all rosbags. I try to synchronize the time between the Tango device and the computer by connecting both to the internet and updating from a time server. However, I find that the tango clock will drift substantially.

Comment by ibd on 2017-05-09:
I just did some tests, and it seems that the tango tablet clock will drift as much as 1 second in 30 minutes when not connected to the internet!


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