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I am using this basic script on Arduino Uno to subscribe to "cmd_vel" topic and publish "cell_voltage" topic.

include 'ros.h'

include 'std_msgs/Float32.h'

include 'geometry_msgs/Twist.h'

float x; int sensorPin = A1; int sensorValue = 0; float voltageValue = 0;

ros::NodeHandle nh;

void messageCb( const geometry_msgs::Twist& vel) {

x = vel.linear.x - 1.0;


std_msgs::Float32 float_msg;

ros::Publisher pu("cell_voltage", &float_msg);

ros::Subscriber<geometry_msgs::Twist> su("cmd_vel" , messageCb);

void setup() {






void loop() {



sensorValue = analogRead(sensorPin);

voltageValue = sensorValue * 5.0 /1023.0;

float_msg.data = voltageValue;

pu.publish( &float_msg ); // THIS LINE


When the line pu.publish( &float_msg ); is commented, everything works fine :

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ rosrun rosserial_python serial_node.py _port:=/dev/ttyACM0 _baud:=115200

[INFO] [WallTime: 1491989648.891986] ROS Serial Python Node

[INFO] [WallTime: 1491989648.915430] Connecting to /dev/ttyACM0 at 115200 baud

[INFO] [WallTime: 1491989652.493960] Note: subscribe buffer size is 280 bytes

[INFO] [WallTime: 1491989652.516291] Setup subscriber on cmd_vel [geometry_msgs/Twist]

But if I uncommented that line, I get this error message :

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ rosrun rosserial_python serial_node.py _port:=/dev/ttyACM0 _baud:=115200

[INFO] [WallTime: 1491989671.577193] ROS Serial Python Node

[INFO] [WallTime: 1491989671.604281] Connecting to /dev/ttyACM0 at 115200 baud

[ERROR] [WallTime: 1491989688.725894] Unable to sync with device; possible link problem or link software version mismatch such as hydro rosserial_python with groovy Arduino

However I am using the correct version. So I don't know why I have this message.

Any ideas ?

PS : What are the HTML tags for inserting cpp code ?



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I think you forgot to advertise the topic after initlizing the node:


Check tutorials: http://wiki.ros.org/rosserial_arduino/Tutorials/Hello%20World

Tip: Before trying to connect using rosserial, check if the Arduino is still running: blinking leds or something.

For formating: There's a button with zeros/ones in the top.

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