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Hy Community.

am going one step forward learning ROS, now I can define a file.launch like:

    <node name="publishener1" pkg="abc_mmg" type="hello_world_publisher.py" args="--test" respawn="true" />
    <node name="subscriber1" pkg="abc_mmg" type="hello_world_subscriber.py" args="--test" respawn="true" />

to start a publisher and a subscriber that I wrote in the tutorials.. :) so far so good!

the issue is that I can't find to fix:

when I do

rosclient@rosclient-VirtualBox:~/catkin_ws$ rosrun abc_mmg hello_world_publisher.py

my rosnode is working fine and I can see in the terminal the message it is publishing same applies for the subscriber, every new callback msg is printed in the Terminal,

but when I do a roslaunch I dont see the msg anymore, as workaround I've found to open another terminal and do rostopic echo but how can I enable my Roslaunch to log in the terminal as before?

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If you want to see your node's output every time, you can add output="screen" to the <node> tag in your launch file, or if you just want to see it once you can add --screen to the command line when you run roslaunch to send the output from all nodes to the console.

You can read the roslaunch XML docs and roslaunch command line docs for more details.

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