I need an iRobot Create Serial Cable (one end 7-pin Mini-DIN Connector and the other end is USB) for Turtlebot I. How can I connect my bot to my PC?


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The iRobot Create and Roomba may have a rather unusual 7-pin mini-din socket for their serial interface, but it is otherwise a fairly standard 5v serial port.

Since the original iRobot Create cable no longer seems to be available, if you already have a USB serial adapter and don't want to buy the new iRobot Create 2 cable, then you may want to make your own RS232 iRobot Create cable.

It is fairly easy to create your own serial to roomba adapter with a standard RS232 cable, an 8-pin mini-din cable (the middle pin is just ignored), a MAX232 RS-232 transceiver IC, a 78L05 voltage regulator, an LED, a resistor and a few capacitors.

Roomba mini-DIN-8 to RS-232 DB-9 serial interface parts (cc by-nc)

You can connect it all together with a small piece of prototyping board, and some basic electronics tools.

Roomba mini-DIN-8 to RS-232 DB-9 serial interface (cc by-nc)

Once you have your Roomba serial to RS-232 cable, you just need to add a standard off the shelf USB to RS-232 adapter/cable to complete your connection.


The new Create2 cable should work with old Creates and all versions of Roomba. You can purchase one at the iRobot web store. And here are instructions how to make a cable yourself using an FTDI serial to USB converter.

Please also see www.irobot.com/create for more Roomba and Create hacks.


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