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I have developed my own Robot Operating System for raspberry pi, interfaced with an arduino controller, and have achieved full motion video at 30 fps.

I have source code for all sensors, smoke( mq2 ), temperature, robotic arm, distance, motors ( up to 30 amp )-- arduino

I have source code for serial interface, message queues, socket interfaces to android -- linux

I have source code for android interface to linux

I use UV4L for raspberry pi for video interface for android, and an extremely modified version of the open source simplemjpegviewer for android.

This was all part of a startup that just became non cost effective that has recently been dissolved.

My background c/c++ linux/windows programmer for 20+ years, android 4 yrs now.

I would like to contribute some of my work to your project

Please let me know what to do

some videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFvNOiNvUGU, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V31k7JzjMCI.

Frank Mancini

Edit: I have linux c code, arduino scratch code for the sensors, and android ( java ) source code.

It might be best to use them as a starting point for other programmers to implement their own solutions, or their own additions to ROS.

Probably the best use would be generic open source libraries, and even a tutorial to use UV4L.

The serial interface can be seperated out.

I have code to generate a mime formatted email with attachments.

This whole system is written in C using linux, jessie debian, developed on UBUNTU.

All of the C code is portable to any POSIX system.

Originally posted by frankmancininb on ROS Answers with karma: 21 on 2016-12-07

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Comment by gvdhoorn on 2016-12-07:
This could be interesting, but could you give us an idea of how you'd like to see your libraries used? In ROS nodes, as more generic open-source libraries, is everything Arduino only or portable to other systems, etc?


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A first step would be to open source the code from the project somewhere (github, bitbucket, any other git hoster?). Then you could send a mail e.g. to the ros-users list and tell people to have a look at it. Without open source, there's not much to contribute to an open source project. :) Especially when you are unsure about where the ROS community could benefit from it.

This sounds interesting.

Originally posted by v4hn with karma: 2950 on 2016-12-08

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Comment by frankmancininb on 2016-12-08:
Where do I find the ros users list? My system was meant to run headless, and only on the pi or other compatible linux board. I also have lots of code for arduino sensors, servos and motor shields.

The system is speedy on the pi, i achieved 30 fps 320x240 mjpeg streaming with great motor response.

Comment by v4hn on 2016-12-08:
Sorry to confuse you with the name. "ros-users" was a mailinglist that recently became part of https://discourse.ros.org/ . So best to post it there (with a link to your code, that is).


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