For a project I am building a Tele-Op Robot using the IRobot's Roomba as my drivetrain. In order for my robot to work, I need an extra castor. IRobot provides .stl and .stp files for me to use and I used them and printed the files. (The file I printed was from this link: Create® 2 Bin Modification.

This file is a new part to the drivetrain to allow another caster.

And I downloaded the first link called "Full bin bottom with caster mount"

The piece was great but it made the castor a different height then the wheels. I was wondering if anyone had this file but saved as something different so I can edit it in preferably Solidworks. I was on the phone with IRobot for over 2 hours today and they told me to post here. So please help!!!! :)


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The caster shaft can potentially not seat right causing canting of the robot.

Can you share pictures of your print? I have had good luck with printing the files posted on the iRobot thingiverse page.


Are you having trouble importing the file? I'm not sure what the problem you're having is. You can edit the file in Solidworks; just import the STL, then edit the file.


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