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Hey, I am new to ROS and want to work with pointclouds. I did exactly the ROS PCL tutorial as written in http://wiki.ros.org/pcl/Tutorials

CMakeLists in ~/catkin_ws/src/my_pcl_tutorial:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8.3)
find_package(catkin REQUIRED COMPONENTS


add_executable(example src/example.cpp)
target_link_libraries(example ${catkin_LIBRARIES})


  <?xml version="1.0"?>
  <description>The my_pcl_tutorial package</description>

  <maintainer email="[email protected]">viki</maintainer>


, but it does not seem to incorporate the package:

rosrun error:

rosrun my_pcl_tutorial example input:=/narrow_stereo_textured/points2
[rospack] Error: package 'my_pcl_tutorial' not found

Version: Indigo 1.11.8, but it does not work on jade either. I did all the previous standard ROS tutorials, but dumpster beginner mistakes likely happened. Any help is appreciated.

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Well, after a few minutes of doing nothing regarding ROS at all, it apparently finds the package now. Sorry, but I have no idea why it is working after the delay.

Command line history:

784  catkin_make
  785  cd ~/catkin_ws/
  786  roscore
  787  source devel/setup.bash 
  788  roscore
  789  rosrun my_pcl_tutorial example input:=/narrow_stereo_textured/points2  ##did not work here##
  790  cd ~/catkin_ws/
  791  source devel/setup.bash 
  792  printenv | grep ROS
  793  cd devel
  794  ls -a
  795  cd include/
  796  ls -a
  797  cd ..
  798  cd src
  799  ls -a
  800  cd ..
  801  printenv | grep ROS
  802  rospack find my_pcl_tutorial 
  803  roscore
  804  cd ~/catkin_ws/
  805  rosrun my_pcl_tutorial example input:=/narrow_stereo_textured/points2 ##works

Originally posted by anonymous28046 with karma: 65 on 2016-09-23

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Comment by anonymous28046 on 2016-10-11:
This is the solution, I just can not accept it as I do not have enough points.


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