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I am trying to add different local planner to my ROS navigation stack, eband_local_planner is one among them. I'm using the navfn as global planner and eband as local planner which I downloaded from here. I created a launch file for the stack. The configuration files are taken from here. Once I launch the file Gazebo gives out exact local and global path, however the turtlebot doesn't move in the simulation. I'm also attaching the video link of the process.

Can anybody point out the mistake with the process.

EDIT #1 Added the rqt_graph here

Thanks, Karthi.

Originally posted by Karthikeyan on ROS Answers with karma: 13 on 2016-09-21

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could you control turtlebot by using teleop?

roslaunch turtlebot_teleop keyboard_teleop.launch

if could, it might because your navigation stack did pub. topic on /cmd_vel_mux

sometimes, rviz control robot base by topic /cmd_vel

i suggest you check your node nest first rqt_graph

then you would see if you exactly get you nodes communicate well..

Originally posted by DinnerHowe with karma: 188 on 2016-09-23

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Comment by Karthikeyan on 2016-09-23:
Hi, Yes you are correct the nav stack publish the topic /cmd_vel_mux. How to change this to topic /cmd_vel


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