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Hi, I just start with ROS and UWsim

I am trying to install new scenes because i want to modified a scene for my project.

I follow the guide on this answer


I download the sh file from this link



copy and paste the file into the path


Then I try to run the line:

sudo /opt/ros/indigo/share/uwsim/data/scenes/installScene.sh -s pipes_scene.uws

and I get:

root@wilmer-VirtualBox:~# sudo /opt/ros/indigo/share/uwsim/data/scenes/installScene.sh -s pipes_scene.uws sudo: /opt/ros/indigo/share/uwsim/data/scenes/installScene.sh: command not found

what am I doing wrong?

Originally posted by Wilmer on ROS Answers with karma: 18 on 2016-08-22

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For some reason the saved file was not been recognized as a command i download from other source and moved to the folder

Originally posted by Wilmer with karma: 18 on 2016-08-23

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Comment by Airuno2L on 2016-08-23:
You can mark this as solved by clicking the check mark next to your answer.

Comment by Wilmer on 2016-08-30:
No, i can't because I don't have 10 points

Comment by Hossein92 on 2018-04-25:
guys i have this problem too, what should i do?


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