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Hi I would like to know how to save Rviz results in text file or any other format.Could any body give me feedback.

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I want to save these x,y,z and alpha,beta,ghamma results as a text file.

Could any body let me know how can I do that

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Edit: Hello Janidu I used quite a long time where exactly I can find these option to solve this problem .Yes It will not be automatically saved Markers pose.I have to give command or time steps to save my Markers Pose I means How Can I do that. I carefully checked Rviz user manual and other options but did not find yet the way to save pose results in text file or any format. Would you mind to give link or any thing that I should maintain. I am using ROS Indigo.

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Comment by janindu on 2016-07-05:
You can't do it in Rviz. Simple as that. Identify what data you want to save first. Then identify which topics these data are published to. Then save it to a rosbag or pipe as Felix has said. I hope it's clear?


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Rviz just displays results, right? I don't think it computes those results by itself (please correct me if I'm wrong). So what you can do is, finding out the topics that publish your marker poses and record them in rosbags.

Originally posted by janindu with karma: 849 on 2016-07-04

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