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I am working on the package for merging multiple laser scanner data in one topic (Ira Laser Tools). I am getting 2 data from different sensors placed one on the front of the robot and one on the rare (scan1 and scan2), Then i apply the multi merger node to merge to get one laser scan data (scan), but it is always empty and giving me the following warning

[ WARN] [1467292029.145711135]: Transformer::setExtrapolationLimit is deprecated and does not do anything

I created in my URDF model a virtual laser which is my destination frame_id (in green in the picture), it is placed at the midpoint of the rare and front lasers.

Note that in the picture the data in red are the data received from scan1 and scan2 respectively.

Please find in the attached file above a screen shoot that describes the situation. And please note than the scan topic is empty.

Is there any way to solve this problem please? i would be really thankful.

Originally posted by wassimhariri on ROS Answers with karma: 70 on 2016-06-30

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Comment by chengwei on 2016-11-10:

I have the same question ,as the warn [ WARN] [1467292029.145711135]: Transformer::setExtrapolationLimit is deprecated and does not do anything

This problem solved ? If settled, please share to me, thank you!

Comment by DavidN on 2016-11-11:
I think the warning should nt be the reason why there is no scan in the merged topic. Are you sure the 2 laser scan topic are called "scan1" and "scan2"? Can you post the output of "rostopic info /scan1" and "rostopic info /scan2"


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actually this problem was solved, we created another package than ira laser tools called scan merger, where i can get 3 different scan data from 3 different laser scanners and then publish them on one scan topic where navigation can accept it and implement SLAM. i will post details as an answer

Originally posted by wassimhariri with karma: 70 on 2016-11-11

This answer was ACCEPTED on the original site

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Comment by 130s on 2016-12-02:
Any detail update :) ?

Comment by rreignier on 2016-12-16:
Yes, details would be welcomed :)

Comment by Chaos Jin on 2017-02-22:
I have the same problem. Would you please show us how to slove this problem? Thank you!

Comment by Orl on 2022-06-22:
Where is this scan merger package ?


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