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We are currently using teb_local_planner bit it doesn't work for dynamic obstacles in the bots path... in th cost map a dynamic obstacle is perceived as a wall ...i think . Is there any other local planner which can be used for moving around dynamic obstacles??thanks

Originally posted by rajnunes on ROS Answers with karma: 73 on 2016-06-08

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EDIT: The teb_local_planner package has now support for dynamic obstacles based on a constant velocity model. You can find two new tutorials on that topic in the tutorials section.

The navigation stack currently does not support dynamic obstacles actually. However, dynamic obstacles are treated as static in the current control/sampling interval. Due to the discretized grid representation of the costmap any temporal coherence isn't capured. However, extending the DWA or teb_local_planner to dynamic obstacles is in principal straight forward, but it would require additional tracking and motion prediction on top of the costmap. Up to my knowledge, there isn't any local planner for the navigation stack that performs it's own tracking and prediction. I am not aware of other planning packages beside of the navigation stack.

However, you can improve the current obstacle avoidance behavior by adding the inflation layer to the local costmap (in addition to the global costmap). By doing so, the robot starts earlier avoiding the obstalce (w.r.t. the static snapshot). Currently, the teb_local_planner does not take inflated cells into account. In that case, refer to the DWA planner. A concept similar to the original inflation has already been implemented in the teb_local_planner package

There are multiple other questions here with similar concerns:

Originally posted by croesmann with karma: 2531 on 2016-06-09

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Original comments

Comment by Kiwa21 on 2017-05-08:
@croesmann Can you shade new light on this issue ? I've seen you've made a lot of upgrade to TEB since this was posted last year. Are there now some differences with what you commented above ? Thanks a lot!

Comment by croesmann on 2017-05-08:
yeah, there were some updates, but I am going to push the dynamic obstacle update in june or july ;-)

Comment by howardcochran on 2017-06-02:
@croesmann, Can you commit a preview of dynamic obstacle handling for teb_local_planner (perhaps in a task branch)? I am very interested in reading the code now and possibly contributing.

Comment by merlinwu on 2017-06-05:
@croesmann, Can you share some ideas about how to handle with dynamic obstacles like persons in the crowd in local planner? Thanks

Comment by croesmann on 2018-01-02:
the dynamic obstacles extension is already in the public branch for quite some weeks now. Unfortunately, I had not enough spare-time yet to write a tutorial.


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