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I am new to moveit and ROS. I have Schunk Lwa4p arm for which I created moveit config package (using set up assistant). But I am struggling to control the real arm from moveit.

Upon running moveit_planning_execution.launch and clicking on Execute button in RViz, I got following errors:

[ INFO] [1458896804.810438377]: Waiting for operationmode service to become available
[ERROR] [1458896804.974349026]: MoveitSimpleControllerManager: Action client not connected: arm/joint_trajectory_controller
[ INFO] [1458896805.079746996]: Returned 0 controllers in list
[ INFO] [1458896805.119044800]: Trajectory execution is managing controllers


[ INFO] [1458896900.940527967]: Waiting for operationmode service to become available
[ INFO] [1458896901.933728220]: Combined planning and execution request received for MoveGroup action. Forwarding to planning and execution pipeline.
[ WARN] [1458896901.933887039]: Execution of motions should always start at the robot's current state. Ignoring the state supplied as start state in the motion planning request
[ INFO] [1458896901.933944449]: Planning attempt 1 of at most 1
[ INFO] [1458896901.935989122]: No planner specified. Using default.
[ INFO] [1458896901.936155554]: LBKPIECE1: Attempting to use default projection.
[ INFO] [1458896901.938471980]: LBKPIECE1: Starting planning with 1 states already in datastructure
[ INFO] [1458896901.941578311]: Waiting for operationmode service to become available
[ INFO] [1458896902.432168629]: LBKPIECE1: Created 184 (87 start + 97 goal) states in 176 cells (86 start (86 on boundary) + 90 goal (90 on boundary))
[ INFO] [1458896902.434038979]: Solution found in 0.496061 seconds
[ INFO] [1458896902.434911366]: SimpleSetup: Path simplification took 0.000396 seconds and changed from 167 to 2 states
[ INFO] [1458896902.440256320]: Returned 0 controllers in list
[ERROR] [1458896902.440616352]: Unable to identify any set of controllers that can actuate the specified joints: [ arm_1_joint arm_2_joint arm_3_joint arm_4_joint arm_5_joint arm_6_joint ]
[ERROR] [1458896902.440879514]: Known controllers and their joints:
[ERROR] [1458896902.441217545]: Apparently trajectory initialization failed
[ INFO] [1458896902.942730273]: Waiting for operationmode service to become available

Following are the additional details:

  1. I am using ROS Indigo devel on Ubuntu 14.04

  2. Planning in RViz was successful and it displayed the planned path.

  3. rostopic doesn't list the topics related to moveit_simple_controller_manager

  4. moveit_planning_execution.launch used: It is similar to the one given at http://wiki.ros.org/Industrial/Tutorials/Create_a_MoveIt_Pkg_for_an_Industrial_Robot?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=moveit_planning_execution.launch.txt

  5. controllers.yaml used:

    controller_manager_ns: moveit_simple_controller_manager controller_list: - name: "arm" action_ns: joint_trajectory_controller type: FollowJointTrajectory default: true joints: [arm_1_joint, arm_2_joint, arm_3_joint, arm_4_joint, arm_5_joint, arm_6_joint]

Please help me on how to resolve this and control my robot using moveit. Thanks in advance!

Originally posted by Nivedita T on ROS Answers with karma: 21 on 2016-03-25

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Finally, I could solve my problem:

  1. By mapping MoveIt!'s controller manager moveit_simple_controller_manager to joint_trajectory_controller, the original controller manager of Robot.
  2. Once mapped, it has to be called with the appropriate name /arm/joint_trajectory_controller/follow_joint_trajectory instead of joint_trajectory_controller in controllers.yaml.

Originally posted by Nivedita T with karma: 21 on 2016-04-07

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Original comments

Comment by rohin on 2016-06-16:
Hi! Can you explain in detail how did you did the above mapping?

I have followed the same procedure as detailed by you in the question above but am getting the error: Parameter:'`moveit_controller_manager' not specified. Have no clue where am I going wrong. Will be grateful to you if you can help.

Comment by Craig on 2016-12-28:
I have the same problem. Topic list shows follow_trajectory_controllers action server is ready. But action client from MoveIt! side doesn't show up. I got the same errors: Unable to identify any set of controllers that can actuate the specify joints. Can you detail what topic to map?


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For me, the problem was in the launch file where an argument was not being specified

This error came while running ur5 (universal robot package) with moveit and rviz.

the sim:= true was missing while calling the command

$ roslaunch ur5_moveit_config ur5_moveit_planning_execution.launch sim:=true

Inside the launch file, the "sim" argument actually does the remapping that @Nivedita T above mentions.

Originally posted by harshitsureka with karma: 11 on 2017-03-25

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