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Hi, I'm setting up a new computer for running ROS, and I want to use Linux Mint 17.3 as the base.

I've found one thread (http://answers.ros.org/question/118151/install-ros-on-linux-mint-16/) that refers to Linux Mint, but haven't gotten as far as beginning the installation process yet.

Have anyone tried installing ROS on Linux Mint 17.3? Anything different I should be aware of compared to Linux Mint 16?

Originally posted by FrodeL on ROS Answers with karma: 3 on 2016-02-28

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Comment by jcardenasc93 on 2016-03-18:
Did you try to install? I think that there is not problem because LM 17.3 still based on Ubuntu 14.04. Just follow the tutorial on the Wiki for Indigo version

Comment by Mate_Me on 2016-04-01:
Hey FrodeL,

did you got an workaround to install ROS (Jade Turtle) on Linux Mint 17.3?

I would like to do the same. Because i got Mint on my PC and won't set it up again with Ubuntu.

Thanks Mate_Me

Comment by FrodeL on 2016-04-01:
No, I ended up with Ubuntu instead.

Comment by Mate_Me on 2016-04-02:
Did anyone got run ROS Jade Turtle on Linux Mint 17.3?

Comment by gvdhoorn on 2016-04-02:
@Mate_Me: could you please not post answers when you're not answering a question? Either post a new question, or add a comment. Thanks.


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Look here: http://insane-on-linux.blogspot.ru/2014/10/installing-ros-indigo-on-mint-17.html It's solution!

Originally posted by dividi with karma: 16 on 2016-06-23

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