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Hello ROS experts,

I am running a turtlebot with a Kobuki base and Asus Xtion Pro camera, without any dedicated laser range finder (on Ubuntu 14.04 using ROS Indigo).

When I run amcl everything runs fine and I am able to navigate using Rviz as well as my own code which uses move_base.

However, there is another node that runs, which subscribes to /camera/rgb/image_rect_color and uses the camera images to detect objects. As soon as this node starts running I start getting the below warning repeatedly:

[ WARN] [1456505621.806228153]: Costmap2DROS transform timeout. Current time: 1456505621.8061, global_pose stamp: 1456505620.1919, tolerance: 0.5000 [ WARN] [1456505621.806352967]: Could not get robot pose, cancelling reconfiguration

After a couple of minutes, the robot is unable to navigate anywhere and all the move_base commands get aborted.

I checked the issue posted here and tried to increase the tolerance using

rosparam set /amcl/transform_tolerance 5.0

The tolerance was set properly and I verified it using rosparam get. . This helped for some time, but after that, the same problem reoccurred.

I checked the transform tree and saw that the frequency of map is 10000 Hz while frequency of base_link is around 5 Hz. This appears to be very strange, and it seems to me that this huge difference is somehow causing the transformation from map to base_link to fail.

Given below is a part of my tf transform tree (sorry I could not post an image since I do not have the required amount of points). The sequence is map->odom->base_footprint->base_link:

map Broadcaster: /amcl Average rate: 10000.000 Hz Most recent transform: 1456505319.249 ( -0.752 sec old) Buffer length: 0.000 sec

odom Broadcaster: /mobile_base_nodelet_manager Average rate: 50.556 Hz Most recent transform: 1456505318.483 ( 0.014 sec old) Buffer length: 4.905 sec

base_footprint Broadcaster: /robot_state_publisher Average rate: 5.208 Hz Most recent transform: 1456505318.479 ( 0.018 sec old) Buffer length: 4.800 sec

base_link Broadcaster: /robot_state_publisher Average rate: 5.208 Hz Most recent transform: 1456505318.479 ( 0.018 sec old) Buffer length: 4.800 sec

Any ideas or suggestions regarding possible solutions or pointers to what I may be doing wrong will be highly appreciated.

Best, Sayantan

Originally posted by Sayantan on ROS Answers with karma: 41 on 2016-02-26

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Comment by spmaniato on 2016-11-03:
Once that other node is launched, run roswtf in a terminal. It will give you a quick summary of things that might be problematic about your ROS network and TF tree.

Comment by aarontan on 2018-07-27:
hello, did you find a way to solve this issue?


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ref: http://answers.ros.org/question/227638/costmap2dros-transform-timeoutcould-not-get-robot-pose-cancelling-reconfiguration/

Originally posted by sonictl with karma: 287 on 2016-11-03

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