Often when I need to perform model fitting I find myself looking for a decent C++ library to do this. There is the RANSAC implementation in MRPT, but I was wondering if there are alternatives available.

To give an example for the type of problems I would like to solve: For a set $A$ of (approx 500) 3D point pairs $(a, b)$ I would like to find the Isometry transform $T$, which maps the points onto each other so that $|(a - Tb)| < \epsilon$. I would like to get the largest subset of $A$ for a given $\epsilon$. Alternatively I guess I could have the subset size fixed and ask for the lowest $\epsilon$.


PCL has a nice C++ templated RANSAC library which can solve your problem.

If you feel, PCL is too big of a dependency, then using umeyama function in Eigen's geometry module is probably the easiest way towards a working solution for your problem.

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  • $\begingroup$ Thanks, I hadn't looked at PCL. The umeyama function would do what I want in the absence of outliers, but usually doesn't work very well if there are any. $\endgroup$ – Jakob Jan 15 '13 at 12:36

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