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I am running a Clearpath Robotics Husky, and I would like to install a second IMU, a Microstrain 3DM-GX3-25. There is already a Microstrain 3DM-GX2 installed on the robot. How do I get the Husky to recognize the new IMU and also get the IMU to push messages into ROS?


Originally posted by The_Mad_Geometer on ROS Answers with karma: 25 on 2015-11-06

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AFAIK, you should use package microstrain_3dmgx2_imu (http://wiki.ros.org/microstrain_3dmgx2_imu) to publish this new IMU. But to not to mix this one with the other IMU (possibly UM6), you should remap /imu/data topic of microstrain to another one. Like;

<node pkg="microstrain_3dmgx2_imu" type="imu_node" name="microstrain_3dmgx2_imu" output="screen">
        <remap from="/imu/data" to="/ms_imu/data" />

After these, you should include this new IMU into robot_localization via config (https://github.com/husky/husky/blob/indigo-devel/husky_control/config/localization.yaml).

For example you can add;

imu1: ms_imu/data
imu1_config: [false, false, false,
              true, true, true,
              false, false, false,
              true, true, true,
              false, false, false]
imu1_differential: true
imu1_remove_gravitational_acceleration: true

This should implement your new IMU into your setup.

Originally posted by Akif with karma: 3561 on 2015-11-06

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Original comments

Comment by The_Mad_Geometer on 2015-11-11:
Thanks a lot, Akif. I just had to plug the IMU into the USB port on the Husky and set the launch files up as you described. It's working now, except that I need to figure out how to calibrate the IMU.


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