My department recently purchased Irobot create 2. We want to recreate the code from the Csharp create 2 driving Tether program to use as a base for our intro to computer science course. Currently the code we are using to talk to the Irobot is http://www.robotappstore.com/Knowledge-Base/How-to-program-Roomba-for-NET-developers/23.html. Not sure if the irobot is getting the commands as well as if the serial port is making a connection. We are using Visual Studio 2012 as the programming environment. Any recommendation and or input would be appreciated.

Thank you

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    $\begingroup$ Welcome to Robotics.StackExchange Chris! Can you clarify your question? It is a little unclear what you are asking. What have you tried, what is not working? $\endgroup$
    – Ben
    Apr 15, 2015 at 0:35

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Please see the last page of the Open Interface Spec. There are some notable changes between the Create 2 and the old Create. For example the default baud rate changed.


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