i would like to build quad that uses bigger propellers like 15" . My question is what kind of motor shall i use ? Low or high KV? Do all motors support this kind of propellers ? Will they burn because of it ?I found they say CW and CCW motors does that mean you can't set way they spin ? I'm totally new in this so thank you for answer .

okey so given this one it should be able to hold 15" prob since it's in description shall i get 12A ESC since on 15 size prob they used max 8.8 or shall i get 25A ESC cause max continous is 20 ?


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The Information you provide are a bit short. This depends a lot on the power of the motors. See my answer on this question: Choosing motor for a tricopter

If you choose some a motor big enought for your application then it won't burn regardless of the prop size. If it is too small, it will burn regardless of the prop size ;)

Usually the motor manufactures provide you with a test sheet, something like this: http://www.funtobuyonline.com/media/wysiwyg/920_datas.jpg
Which is one for your motor. This might be japanese (not sure) but the columns are in this case from left to right:
Voltage,Prop Size, Power, Current, Power, Thrust, RPM, Efficency
If the Power at 100% exceed the motor specification then the motor will burn... pretty simple


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