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I tried running the controller node from pid package http://wiki.ros.org/pid

running from command line with rosrun works fine. but using launch file:

    <node name="linear_controller" pkg="pid" type="controller"
   args="1 6 .001 2000 -tfc lin_effort -tfp lin_state -fc 1000"/>

getting error

    process[linear_controller-3]: started with pid [28035]
*** stack smashing detected ***: /opt/ros/indigo/lib/pid/controller terminated
[linear_controller-3] process has died [pid 28035, exit code -6, cmd /opt/ros/indigo/lib/pid/controller 1 6 .001 2000 -tfc lin_effort -tfp lin_state -fc 1000 __name:=linear_controller __log:=/home/muaz/.ros/log/c6a3233e-3216-11e5-a8c9-20689d31db97/linear_controller-3.log].
log file: /home/muaz/.ros/log/c6a3233e-3216-11e5-a8c9-20689d31db97/linear_controller-3*.log

why it is getting stack smashing and exit code -6?

Originally posted by radzaeem on ROS Answers with karma: 46 on 2015-07-24

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I think this thread has the answer. Roslaunch is adding additional arguments, which screws up the pid node. It expects a particular order for the first 4 arguments.


I'm not sure what the workaround is yet. Perhaps I could re-release the package so the command is:

$ rosrun pid controller -Kp 2 -Ki 0.1 -Kd 0.05 -rate 200

It sucks to make the command even longer, though...

Originally posted by AndyZe with karma: 2331 on 2015-07-26

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Original comments

Comment by gvdhoorn on 2015-07-26:
A ROS node should be able to handle these args properly. See ros::removeROSArgs(..).

Comment by AndyZe on 2015-07-26:
Alright, that worked. Thanks. I'm pushing new versions of the package to ROS (takes ~1 month), or you can get it directly from my repo in the meantime. There's a launch file with the package now. https://bitbucket.org/AndyZe/pid/src/ab80beaa7e265213c4dfb37e7b99870c2cc84b41?at=master

Comment by gvdhoorn on 2015-07-26:
I think if you called check_user_input(..) after ros::init(argc, argv, node_name), the 'additional arguments' should already have been parsed and removed by ROS. Are things like remapping still working correctly the way you set things up?

Comment by AndyZe on 2015-07-26:
Yes, remapping appears to work. It might have been easier to put check_user_input(..) after ros::init(argc, argv, node_name), but I'm not sure how that would affect node_name (since the node name needs to be parsed).


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