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Hi all:

I have a question about remapping topics in launch files. I have a controller which is subscribed to the topics: /pelican/pose and /pelican/twist, expecting a Pose and a Twist respectively. Gazebo publishes both information in the topic /gazebo/model_states, so I expected do do the following remappings:

/gazebo/model_states/pose[1] to /pelican/pose

/gazebo/model_states/twist[1] to /pelican/twist

Doing the remap of /gazebo/model_states works well, but the ones before do not work. Anyone knows how can I do that, or something similar?

Thank you in advance

Originally posted by AdrianGonzalez on ROS Answers with karma: 27 on 2015-07-23

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Comment by NEngelhard on 2015-07-23:
Could you post your launch-file?


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You are trying to remap the content of the message not the topic, which you can't do directly.

You'll need to write a simple node that subscribes to gazebo/model_states and publishes the desired topics.

Another option, if you don't want to write the simple node, would be to try to use the topic-tools/transform node.

Edit: this also won't work...

Originally posted by Gary Servin with karma: 962 on 2015-07-23

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