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Hi, I'm trying to simulate Kuka youbot with gazebo.
I have a question about gazebo planar move plugin.
Since kuka youbot has mecanum wheels, it needs to use gazebo planar move plugin.
So I followed this instruction and added the plugin.

As a result, the mobile platform works fine, however the manipulator on the platform looks weird.
Manipulator falls down because of gravity, but the motion is very slow.
And each joint requires more torques to move than without the plugin.

Why planar move plugin affects robot motion in the above way ?
How can I avoid this situation ?

Thanks in advance.

Originally posted by moyashi on ROS Answers with karma: 721 on 2015-07-04

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Comment by nlyubova on 2016-10-09:
hello, I get exactly the same problem with Pepper when using libgazebo_ros_planar_move. The robot falls to one side when moving. Did you find a solution to your problem?

However, gazebo_ros_force_based_move gives the segfault. what can be a problem?


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You could also try the gazebo_ros_force_based_move plugin. It is similar to the planar move plugin, but applies forces and torques to the body of the robot, not bypassing the physics engine. I previously observed issues with the planar move plugin and a manipulator arm mounted on a robot (arm wobbling around the z-axis when robot rotates). This doesn't happen with the force-based plugin. Here's a example video of using it for a simulated tracked robot.

Originally posted by Stefan Kohlbrecher with karma: 24361 on 2015-11-05

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