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Hi guys, I've used QT to create a package with GUI and a ROS node (subscriber), and every thing works as I expected. Now I need to add a new publisher node to my QT. Please help me to do this if you have any idea.


my whole code is here Main.cpp

#include "ros/ros.h"

#include "std_msgs/String.h" #include "mainwindow.h" #include #include <boost/thread.hpp> #include #include <string.h> #include #include #include #include #include #include "newwindow.h" #include #include #include "gui_sub/Position.h"

using namespace std; MainWindow* mainWin;

void infoCallback(const std_msgs::String::ConstPtr& msg) { // ROS_INFO("The New module is: [%s]", msg->data.c_str()); std::string str = msg->data; //The Name of Raspberry Pi std::string str_name = str.substr (14,19); // List of Servo motors std::string str_servo_1 = str.substr (55,23); std::string str_servo_2 = str.substr (82,23); std::string str_servo_3 = str.substr (109,23); std::string str_servo_4 = str.substr (136,23); // List of Brushless motors std::string str_brushless_1 = str.substr (163,25); std::string str_brushless_2 = str.substr (192,25); std::string str_brushless_3 = str.substr (221,25); std::string str_brushless_4 = str.substr (250,25);

//Converting the STD Strings to QStrings
QString qstr = QString::fromStdString(str);
QString qstr_name = QString::fromStdString(str_name);

QString qstr_servo_1 = QString::fromStdString(str_servo_1);
QString qstr_servo_2 = QString::fromStdString(str_servo_2);
QString qstr_servo_3 = QString::fromStdString(str_servo_3);
QString qstr_servo_4 = QString::fromStdString(str_servo_4);

QString qstr_brushless_1 = QString::fromStdString(str_brushless_1);
QString qstr_brushless_2 = QString::fromStdString(str_brushless_2);
QString qstr_brushless_3 = QString::fromStdString(str_brushless_3);
QString qstr_brushless_4 = QString::fromStdString(str_brushless_4);

// Using the new strings to create our lists via signal and slot methods



} void callbackmethods() { ros::NodeHandle n; ros::Subscriber sub = n.subscribe("/info", 1000, infoCallback); ros::Rate rate(30); while (ros::ok()){ ros::spinOnce(); rate.sleep(); } }

int main(int argc, char **argv) { ros::init(argc, argv, "gui_sub");

QApplication app(argc, argv);

mainWin = new MainWindow();

//boost::thread thread_spin( boost::bind( ros::spin )); boost::thread thread_spin( boost::bind( callbackmethods ));

ros::init(argc, argv, "servoinput"); ros::NodeHandle nt; ros::Publisher position_pub;

position_pub=nt.advertise<gui_sub::Position>("position", 1000);

std::string di; gui_sub::Position msg; std::cout << "I am here "; std::cin>>di; msg.position = atof(di.c_str()); position_pub.publish(msg);

return app.exec(); }

Originally posted by Saeid on ROS Answers with karma: 3 on 2015-06-29

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Create another publisher (class) inside the node like in the C++ tutorial for creating nodes? Should be something like this:

ros::Publisher pub; //When in class this is the member in class definition
pub = nh.advertise<pkg::TopicType>("awesome_topic", 1000 /*Queue*/); //This goes to Constructor 

//Maybe your main loop

ros::Rate rate(10);
  pkg::TopicType msg; 
  /*add data to your msg here*/
  msg.field="some data";
  pub.publish(msg); //Publish it
  rate.sleep(); //limit loop rate

See here: http://wiki.ros.org/ROS/Tutorials/WritingPublisherSubscriber%28c%2B%2B%29

Originally posted by cyborg-x1 with karma: 1376 on 2015-06-29

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Original comments

Comment by Saeid on 2015-06-30:
Many thanks for your interest to answer my question. I tried to do what you mentioned by adding this lines to my Main.cpp : (NEXT COOMENT)

Comment by Saeid on 2015-06-30:
ros::Publisher position_pub; ros::NodeHandle nt;

position_pub=nt.advertise<beginner_tutorials::Position>("position", 1);

std::string di="1.5"; beginner_tutorials::Position msg; msg.position = atof(di.c_str()); position_pub.publish(msg);

Comment by Saeid on 2015-06-30:
But unfortunately it's not publishing .

Comment by cyborg-x1 on 2015-06-30:
Could you please paste the whole code? Maybe edit your answer and add it.

Comment by cyborg-x1 on 2015-06-30:
Probably in qt you will have your main "ros" loop in a second thread.

Comment by cyborg-x1 on 2015-06-30:
Ahh now I see you problem.

 position_pub=nt.advertise<gui_sub::position>("position", 1000); 

must go into a function you call. I did not think of the main function of the Qt project, just put it somewhere shortly after where you set the values of the message.

Comment by cyborg-x1 on 2015-06-30:
normally when using Qt you put the while(ros::ok()) loop inside a function of a seperate thread. You are executing ros::spin() as thread, it does take care of the incomming messages and calls the callback functions. publish(msg) should be able to be called anywhere.

Comment by Saeid on 2015-06-30:
Thank you man, It works now, thanks a lot for your help man

Comment by cyborg-x1 on 2015-06-30:
You're welcome ;-)


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