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i have a question regarding the localization of a mobil robot. Unfortunately my robot is not able to offer wheel odometry. I am looking for an approach to localize my robot in a given map just based on a laserscan. I read that hector_mapping can be used in this case, as it includes a laser-scanmatcher, which works well as stand alone. Is something similar avialable without the whole SLAM algorithm behind? I just need the "L" ;). My robot has the constraint of relativly low computing power, why i also can't use visuel odometry.

Thx for your answers

Originally posted by Tirgo on ROS Answers with karma: 66 on 2015-06-20

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Try this http://wiki.ros.org/laser_scan_matcher

  1. roscd ;
  2. source devel/setup.bash
  3. cd src ;
  4. git clone https://github.com/ccny-ros-pkg/scan_tools.git
  5. apt-get install libgsl0-dev
  6. cd ..
  7. catkin_make
  8. Start IT.

Originally posted by duck-development with karma: 1999 on 2015-06-21

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Original comments

Comment by felixwatzlawik on 2015-06-23:
Not a good answer, only for fuerte not for indigo..

Comment by Dan Lazewatsky on 2015-06-23:
The wiki page is just saying that documentation is only generated for electric and fuerte. I have used laser_scan_matcher in hydro with no issues.


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