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Hey there,

I'm developing an aerial vehicle which is equipped with a GPS, IMU and bottom camera (pointed at the ground for target tracking). I was looking for a way to fuse the data, with two objectives:

  • Obtaining a coordinate for the "drone" localization (I could assume it starts at (0,0))

  • Extrating a position of the detected targets (on the "local coordinate system" and GPS information)

Which nodes will prove useful for this application?

Thanks in advance

Originally posted by nvoltex on ROS Answers with karma: 131 on 2015-03-24

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I think robot_localization may be what you are looking for.

Originally posted by Gary Servin with karma: 962 on 2015-03-30

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Original comments

Comment by nvoltex on 2015-04-07:
Thanks for the help! That seems to be what I need, but does it work with only GPS and IMU?

Comment by Gary Servin on 2015-04-07:
On the ROS wiki page for robot_localization you can see an image showing that you can also use a camera and a 3D sensing device, provided that you extract the necessary information from them. For the camera you may use something like viso2_ros package.

Comment by nvoltex on 2015-04-08:
Does that mean that the GPS combined with the IMU is not enough? Another question: The IMU data used by robot_localization needs the pose? or only the raw data (linear accelaration and angular velocity)?


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