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Hi guys

I wanted to ask if there is really no package / stack available that implements position control for velocity-controlled holonomic mobile robots? And that also features a TrajectoryActionServer for the latter? I have a robot for which a Pr2BaseController is running. The navigation stack and move_base seem like an overkill to me since I already have computed trajectories and/or goals for the base and am simply looking for an easy way to execute them. I can write a package myself but it seems such a general task that I am really astonished I couldn't find anything fitting my needs online.

Thanks for your answers!

Originally posted by zickzackandonthemove on ROS Answers with karma: 51 on 2015-03-05

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Comment by David Lu on 2015-03-05:
What input do you have to the system? By computed trajectories, do you mean that you have what move_base would consider a global path?

Comment by zickzackandonthemove on 2015-03-06:
Well, it's a trajectory given in global coordinates (x,y,theta,time), though I actually don't care that much about timing for my application, so violations in that regard are ok. So I suppose it is similar to what move_base considers a global path?

Comment by Neil Traft on 2015-08-14:
I'm not familiar with any of these, but I just stumbled on a number of generic controllers that might suit your purpose.

Comment by webvenky on 2016-05-29:
Hi.. Were you able to find a trajectory controller without using the navigation stack and move base?

Comment by zickzackandonthemove on 2016-05-29:
@webvenky Check my answer below.


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I ended up coding something very basic myself that was sufficient for my purpose. It is part of this package: https://github.com/islers/youbot_controllers ()

Originally posted by zickzackandonthemove with karma: 51 on 2016-05-29

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