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Sorry to disturb everyone.

But I want to know where the odom is published, as I want to record the odom message without the help of topic. I have searched over and over again, but still no found...

Heartfelt thanks to you!! And sorry to my poor English...

Originally posted by tanghz on ROS Answers with karma: 130 on 2015-01-22

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Comment by SL Remy on 2015-01-22:
Topics are an essential communications resource in ROS. I'm assuming that you mean that you'd like to save/store the data from odom not just "look" at it with rostopic? (Can you clarify what you need?)

Comment by tanghz on 2015-01-24:
@SL Remy

I am really sorry! Thank you! I want to save the odom data before it is published, as my teacher told me that the ros topic would cost more time, which will lead to the poor real-time of the odom.


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If you want to record the odometry file in a .csv file do the following in different terminals:

roslaunch turtlebot_bringup minimal.launch //launches roscore along with other turtlebot nodes

rosbag record -j -O house_bag /mobile_base/commands/velocity /odom //records the velocity and odometry topics and creates a .bag file named "house_bag"

//do some moving around with your turtlebot

rostopic echo -b house_bag.bag -p /odom > house_odom.csv //After you are done, this command exports the odometry csv file out of "house_bag.bag"

Originally posted by kokirits with karma: 290 on 2015-01-23

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