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tl;dr: Due to bad planning, I bloom-released a metapkg and now I want to get one of the pkgs out to become an independent pkg. Already updated rosdistro/indigo/distribution.yaml and forced farm rebuilds a couple times. Build farms still tries to clone OLD_REPO-release instead of NEW_REPO-release. What else should I try?


  1. Metapackage is mrpt_navigation. See rosdistro entry

  2. Yesterday it contained a package named pose_cov_ops, I had to manually remove it because otherwise bloom complained (correctly) when trying to release the new package because it was already in the metapkg. See commit.

  3. After that, I manually finished the PR that bloom failed to do. See commit

  4. bloom succeeds in subsequent releases. See commit.

  5. This is the current entry of the new pkg In rosdistro:

    pose_cov_ops: doc: type: git url: https://github.com/mrpt-ros-pkg/pose_cov_ops.git version: master release: tags: release: release/indigo/{package}/{version} url: https://github.com/mrpt-ros-pkg-release/pose_cov_ops-release.git ## <<<< NEW, CORRECT REPO URI (this comment is not on rosdistro!!) version: 0.1.5-0 source: type: git url: https://github.com/mrpt-ros-pkg/pose_cov_ops.git version: master status: maintained

  6. But the build farm still believes the release repository is the OLD one (see complete log):

    • cd /home/rosbuild/hudson/workspace/ros-indigo-pose-cov-ops_sourcedeb/workspace && gbp-clone https://github.com/mrpt-ros-pkg-release/mrpt_navigation-release.git Fetching targets
    • cd /home/rosbuild/hudson/workspace/ros-indigo-pose-cov-ops_sourcedeb/workspace/mrpt_navigation-release && git tag -l debian/* No matching tag found. Are you sure you pointed to the right repository or the version is right?, expected debian/ros-indigo-pose-cov-ops_0.1.5-0_saucy:

Notice it uses the OLD repo URI: https://github.com/mrpt-ros-pkg-release/mrpt_navigation-release.git instead of the one provided in rosdistro... Why?

I tried to trace where the incorrect repository URI comes from and found it to come from:

  • the input argument "repo_uri" of ros-infrastructure/buildfarm/scripts/generate_sourcedeb

  • which comes from RELEASE_URI in source_build.sh

  • from "doit(release_uri,..." in release_jobs.py

But: WHO calls release_jobs.py? I couldn't find it.

Any ideas?

Originally posted by Jose Luis Blanco on ROS Answers with karma: 288 on 2014-12-23

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The Jenkins jobs are only regenerated once every 24h. Please wait at least until tomorrow - the job should be updated by then. If the problem persists please comment here again.

Originally posted by Dirk Thomas with karma: 16276 on 2014-12-23

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Comment by Jose Luis Blanco on 2014-12-24:
As usual, you're right... Without further changes it now builds. Thanks!


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