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Hi there,

I am running hector_slam in ROS Hydro with a Neato XV-11 laser and a Razor 9dof IMU.

The IMU has been included via hector_imu_attitude_to_tf.

In RViz everything looks good, I have a base_footprint frame that only moves on X and Y (and yaw) and attached to it a base_link frame that has additional roll and pitch movement.

Now my question is this:

Right now the IMU data is only transforming a frame but I guess that has no direct effect on the computation of hector_slam? Do I have to specify somewhere that hector_slam should consider the IMU data to increase its own accuracy? Or do I have to run an additional node for that, like hector_localization?

Originally posted by tinytron on ROS Answers with karma: 45 on 2014-12-01

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hector_slam only uses (roll/pitch) imu data implicitly by transforming the scan through tf. It would be possible to for example use IMU data for improving the scan-matching start estimate, but this is currently not implemented.

Originally posted by Stefan Kohlbrecher with karma: 24361 on 2014-12-02

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Original comments

Comment by tinytron on 2014-12-02:
Ok thanks!

Comment by wyasuda on 2015-01-01:
Dear Stefan, I have a question about this issue. I read the pdf below. http://tedusar.eu/cms/sites/tedusar.eu.cms/files/Hector_SLAM_USAR_Kohlbrecher_RRSS_Graz_2012.pdf On page 32, you explained the Handheld Mapping System has IMU. Does IMU has no direct effect on the computation of hector_slam?


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