I'm fairly new to 3D printing. I'm considering motherboards I might use to control my printer. I'm hoping to find a board that I can easily control using either:

  • ReplicatorG
  • MatterControl

I like these programs because they seem reasonably current, mature and straight-forward for beginners.

My question is can I control a Rambo V1.2 board from either of these programs? These programs don't include explicit support for the RAMBo as far as I can see, but maybe I'm missing how printing software works at this point?

What is a RAMBo?

The RAMBo V1.2 board is a creative-commons/open source design. It integrates an Arduino, Stepper-Motor drivers, Heater & Fan controls, Power Management and more.

An example implementation looks like this: RepRap Rambo V1.2G

For more background info on what a RAMBo board is, you may read about it on the RepRap community wiki.

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    $\begingroup$ This question is off-topic because we are not the pre-sales support for the Rambo V1.2 board. $\endgroup$
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    $\begingroup$ Here's a general algorithm for solving "Does board $X$ talk to board $Y$ correctly?" questions. First, look at the available interfaces for board $X$. Then look at the available interfaces for board $Y$. If there is some intersection, (e.g., they both have a serial port, UART, CAN-bus, I2C, etc), the answer is likely yes. Then you'll have to look up how each interface is used by both board $X$ and $Y$. This site is not a good fit for those types of questions, since it requires 1. Google, 2. Datasheets, 3. Code. But maybe someone can help. I recommend you read about the board and report back $\endgroup$ Jan 26, 2015 at 17:53

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These programs don't include explicit support for the RAMBo as far as I can see

Turns out the reason for that is because Host software has evolved to declare support for specific firmware interfaces. The industry as evolved so that there are several popular firmwares available. These firmwares they tend to support various motherboard designs including the RAMBo and RAMPS specs (RAMBo is a refinement of RAMPS). Some even support very early RepRap boards such as the Gen3 through Gen6 boards as were found on early MakerBots, for example.

The Answer

YES, MatterControl will drive a RAMBo board, provided it's flashed with a supported firmware. Marlin, for example, is a firmware that MatterControl supports.


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