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I'm working with ROS Indigo and Ubuntu 14.05, and I've found a serial library from William Woodall and John Harrison (https://github.com/wjwwood/serial/) that seem to be exactly what I want. They say that is compatible with ROS, but I'm not finding the way to make it work. A working example with a "hello world" on serial port will be enough for me, because I think my problem is with the dependencies on the CMakeLists.txt.

PD: By now I'm able to compile and run the "serial_example.cpp" included on the package, but that doesn't use ROS, I've tried to make it work but i don't know where's my error.

Originally posted by apojomovsky on ROS Answers with karma: 13 on 2014-10-20

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You can take a look at the code of some of the packages that use the serial package. For example:

should give you an idea on how to integrate it in a ROS package.

Hope it helps!


Here you have a very simplistic and crude example of a node using the serial package.

Originally posted by Gary Servin with karma: 962 on 2014-10-20

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Original comments

Comment by apojomovsky on 2014-10-21:
thank you very much for taking time to write this example, is exactly what I was looking for! worked like a charm!

Comment by William on 2014-10-21:
@Gary Servin Thanks for putting the example together, you beat me to it :)


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