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In groovy environment I have used catkin_make to build my packages most of the time, But I am not clear with use of rosmake. I have few packages which use rosmake to build, I have gone through several tutorials and answers in this forum, still I have not figured out the right way of using rosmake. below are the steps I followed, for one particular package which uses rosmake:

$ mkdir -p ~/rosbuild_ws/
>     $ cd ~/rosbuild_ws/
$ rosws init . /opt/ros/groovy
>     $ svn co http://prairiedog.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/gencam_cu/
$ cd gencam_cu/src
>     $ sudo gedit CMakeList.txt

and I add link_directories(/usr/lib/uv4l/uv4lext/armv6l/) on the top, I save and exit.

now when I issue

$ rosmake gencam_cu

I get an Error as shown below:

... ERROR : No arguments could be parsed into valid package or stack names

I have also followed this tutorial of using rosbuild with catkin workspace, but then I am able to overcome the above error only to arrive at another error which is as shown below:

/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -l: /opt/ros/groovy/lib/opencv_calib3d ...

so, It would be great if someone can list down the steps followed to build a package (for eg. the one mentioned above) with rosmake. Also, please let me know if the steps mentioned above are right? and if I am missing few points here with regard to the build process.

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Originally posted by MKI on ROS Answers with karma: 246 on 2014-10-15

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Given the package you are using is rosmake, you need to add the package to the workspace in the same way you'd do with wstool.

i.e. instead of just svn co do rosws set gencam_cu --svn URL. Then rosws update. After sourcing the setup.bash roscd, rosmake etc should work.

Originally posted by dornhege with karma: 31395 on 2014-10-15

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Original comments

Comment by MKI on 2014-10-16:
Hi, Thank you for the quick response, rosmake is able to find gencam_cu package but it fails to build because ld cannot find opencv libraries and boost libraries. Which is the 2nd error mentioned in the question above... I tried to include opencv libs in CMakeLists but still it fails.

Comment by MKI on 2014-10-16:
I would like to add another point here, the wstool which I have in wheezy was installed through easy_install whereas the one on my pc is the one installed using sudo apt-get, should there be any difference between the 2? as the steps above work well on PC and not on Rpi (wheezy).

Comment by dornhege on 2014-10-16:
It might be a later version, but I don't know about that.


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