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Hi, i tried to install package tum_simulator but I found one problem. When I try to run simulator:

roslaunch cvg_sim_test 3boxes_room.launch

i get:

[cvg_sim_test] is not a package or launch file name

I have ROS fuerte and installed gazebo 1.6, rviz.

I was adding step by step packages: ardrone_autonomy package, joy_node and ardrone_joystick packages, tum_simulator package. I used 'rosmake' and I didn't get any error.

My workspace looks:

przemek@przem:~/fuerte_workspace$ ls ardrone_autonomy sandbox setup.sh simulator_gazebo visualization ardrone_helpers setup.bash setup.zsh tum_simulator

When I call echo $ROS_PACKAGE_PATH I get:


there is almost everything apart from rviz.

Please help me.

Originally posted by green96 on ROS Answers with karma: 115 on 2014-10-14

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It looks like the tum_simulator repository has a 'fuerte' branch which includes the cvg_sim_test package. Have you tried that version?

Originally posted by ahendrix with karma: 47576 on 2014-10-16

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Original comments

Comment by green96 on 2014-10-16:
I was doing exactly what is on http://wiki.ros.org/tum_simulator. So I cloned from git this link:


now I see that it has branch master and below we can find info that it is for hydro.

Comment by green96 on 2014-10-16:
So if i have ros-fuerte I should clone from this link?


(Sorry for double comment but there is limit of characters..)

Comment by ahendrix on 2014-10-16:
No. You already have a copy of the repository on your machine; you just need to check out the 'fuerte' branch. Try: roscd tum_simulator and git checkout fuerte

Comment by green96 on 2014-10-16:
Thank you so much for your help, unfortunately before you wrote your answer I had reinstalled my ROS to Indigo version and just now successfully run simulator. :) So I can't check it, but conclusion is to clone from git using parameter -b, for example: -b indigo


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