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I'm going through the ROS packages for a generic package that will take raw IMU 9DOF readings and perhaps use a Kalman filter to fuse data from the Accelerometer, Gyroscope, and Magnometer. So far I've only found the imu_filter_madgwick package. However, it has been difficult to install with catkin. As a newbie to the ROS system I found this surprising.

Is there a generic solution for IMU filtering in ROS?

Thank you in advance. I would appreciate any guidance in this matter.

Originally posted by alainh on ROS Answers with karma: 43 on 2014-10-11

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Are you using the hydro branch? It works fine with catkin.

Originally posted by tonybaltovski with karma: 2549 on 2014-10-11

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Comment by alainh on 2014-10-11:
You're absolutely right. I forgot to switch branches. Thank you! To continue the discussion, however, is this the only raw data IMU solution?

Comment by tonybaltovski on 2014-10-11:
robot_localization uses the IMU data in an EKF.

Comment by alainh on 2014-10-24:
Follow up: While I got most of the package dependencies to build, it trips up on the boost library from tf with errors. I made a separate question found here: http://answers.ros.org/question/194856/error-with-boost-while-building-tf-package-in-catkin-ws/


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