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Hi everyone,

I'm new in this world of mobile robots and ROS. Currently I wanna know if there are techniques implemented in ROS for self-localization or localization of a robot in a known map that it's provided by a map_server. I try to use AMCL from de Navigation Stack but I could not make it work because I use hector_mapping without odometry information to build a accurate map and, in this moment, my robot doesn't provide me the odometry information. I just wanna know if anyone in this community has/meets or has developed a technique ir ros to do this requirement for navigating. I configured my amcl.launch like several examples in this community but AMCL doesn't work. I tried this solution (http://answers.ros.org/question/104971/using-hector-slam-with-amcl-for-localization-in-a-pre-made-map/) and unfortunately I could not get good results, in RVIZ the particleCloud topic doesn't provide a real good localization, any error or warning doesn't appear in the console and all particles, provide in this topic, diverge against to converge to a good pose. I don't know what to do. I think I have to provide a good odometry from my robot but I have read that if I provide bad odometry, AMCL won't work. Anyone knows or has a good tutorial to do that, the information from AMCL package is still insufficient for me because I'm a noob in these topics.

Please, help me, I would appreciate any idea, comment or any solution to do this.

Originally posted by ingcavh on ROS Answers with karma: 23 on 2014-10-03

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Comment by bvbdort on 2014-10-03:
how are you driving your robot ? if you have velocities you can publish odometry

Comment by ingcavh on 2014-10-03:
I drive my robot with a PWM's modulation (I send a PWM reference), so I can't really estimate the velocities of my robot because my driver control (Driver Maxon Exon 50) doesn't provide me the information about my sensors, it implements a closed loop control but it doesn't provide me a feedback.

Comment by sajal on 2019-06-14:
@ingcavh I'm having the exact same issue. Did you find any solution?


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You can use a particle filter to localize a robot. For instance see my tutorial

Best Regards, Alex

Originally posted by Alexandr Buyval with karma: 641 on 2014-10-31

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