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Hello, I am using kinect sensor for the mapping and navigation in my project, As Kinect also have a RGB camera. I wanted to fetch the RGB image from the kinect, then do some processing and get the text data in the image using this data I want to re localise my robot.

Is this possible in ros.?

Many Thanks in advance.

Originally posted by sumanth on ROS Answers with karma: 86 on 2014-09-01

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Sure! just subscribe to the RGB image topic. Assuming you started the openni with

roslaunch openni_launch openni.launch

Just subscribe to /camera/rgb/image_raw topic. The sensor_msgs/Image messages you get can be easily converted to OpenCV with cv_bridge package.

Originally posted by jorge with karma: 2284 on 2014-09-02

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Comment by sumanth on 2014-09-02:
oh thanks, any already available packages for text extraction from images.

Comment by Martin Peris on 2014-09-02:
Dear @sumanth, if this answer is satisfactory for you, please, mark it as correct. Also, it would be more appropriate to ask about the package for text extraction from images as a new question, as it could be helpful for other people. Thank you for helping us keep the forum organised.


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