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I have a problem when I install kobuki in turtlebot installation of indigo. Following the tutorial, there was nothing wrong with rocon. However, when I continued to kobuki and run "rosdep install --from-paths src -i -y", I got the following error messages:

$ rosdep install --from-paths src -i -y
executing command [sudo apt-get install -y ros-indigo-kobuki-apps]
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package ros-indigo-kobuki-apps
ERROR: the following rosdeps failed to install
  apt: command [sudo apt-get install -y ros-indigo-kobuki-apps] failed

The packages before "ros-indigo-kobuki-apps" (e.g., "ros-indigo-move-base-msgs") were installed without an error when running "rosdep install --from-paths src -i -y", but "ros-indigo-kobuki-apps" cannot be located.

Any help would be appreciated.

Originally posted by kevinma on ROS Answers with karma: 13 on 2014-08-13

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It looks like the kobuki_apps package was released quite recently and isn't available in the public repository yet: http://www.ros.org/debbuild/indigo.html?q=kobuki

I would wait for the next synchronization announcement on the ros-users mailing list and then try again, or install kobuki_apps from source.

Originally posted by ahendrix with karma: 47576 on 2014-08-13

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