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Hello there,

I am trying to get access to the current desired end effector's transform output by MoveIt (actually my goal is to compute the tracking error). My feeling is that I need to do the following steps:

  • Get the desired joint angles from MoveIt
  • Parse the urdf (to build a direct geometric model), or is there a package which computes the direct geometric model of the robot out of its urdf?
  • Compute the end effector's desired transform from the geometric model and the desired joint angles

Am I right?

Now a question more related to code:

I guess the desired joint angles are provided by moveit in topic /arm_controller/follow_joint_trajectory/goal, no? This topic is of type control_msgs/FollowJointTrajectoryActionGoal (api in ROS Kinetic). I also guess the trajectory is in field goal.trajectory.points.positions. fields points and positions are arrays: do you know how I should interpret them? Also does the fact that these are arrays mean that the whole desired trajectory is sent at one and not per small time steps?



Originally posted by arennuit on ROS Answers with karma: 955 on 2014-08-07

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Could be just English wording, but I guess by "desired" you mean "commanded", or the order MoveIt! sends to ROS network. If I'm right, then you basically get things right I think.

Originally posted by 130s with karma: 10937 on 2017-02-24

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Comment by gvdhoorn on 2017-02-25:
If 'commanded', then yes (although this would be at the level MoveIt<->controller, not controller<->hw). If 'current', then no.


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