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Hi, I am using but_velodyne_proc package to obtain 2d laser scan sensor_msgs/LaserScan from a 3d Velodyne sensor_msgs/PointCloud2. It seems that it works fine because I can visualize laser scan and point cloud in rviz. However, problem arises when I try to use this 360 degree laser scan data with gmapping to obtain a 2d occupancy map using:

rosrun gmapping slam_gmapping scan:=/velodyne/scan

It gives me following error:

slam_gmapping: /tmp/buildd/ros-hydro-openslam-gmapping-0.1.0-2precise-20140617-1746/scanmatcher/scanmatcher.cpp:563: void GMapping::ScanMatcher::setLaserParameters(unsigned int, double, const OrientedPoint&): Assertion `beams<2048' failed. Aborted (core dumped)*

The error of "beam 2048" is coming from here. Gmapping is working fine when I am using LaserScan from the lidar installed on my robot. Do you think this is because I am feeding 360 degree scan? I can see that scan header of the lidar is coming with angle_min: -2.35619449615 angle_max: 2.35619449615, whereas header of LaserScan obtained from Velodyne is angle_min: -3.14159274101 angle_max: 3.14159274101. I am very beginner with all this stuff and do not understand the meaning of "LASER_MAXBEAMS 2048" defined in the header file. Your guideline to fix this problem is much appreciated!

Originally posted by AsifA on ROS Answers with karma: 231 on 2014-08-02

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scanmatcher in gmapping is limiting number of beams to 2048

For your case

angle_min: -2.35619449615 angle_max: 2.35619449615 

which is ~ 269 degrees and from launch file

 <param name="angular_res" value="0.1" />

it counts 2690 > 2048.

Change resolution to 0.2 or 0.5 so that number of beams becomes < 2048.

Originally posted by bvbdort with karma: 3034 on 2014-08-03

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Original comments

Comment by AsifA on 2014-08-03:
Thanks bvbdort :)

Comment by spacewandererer on 2018-05-16:
Thanks bvbdort ! This worked. Also, thanks AsifA, I was using pointcloud_to_laserscan package earlier but it wasn't working for me. But this package works.

Comment by PKGosal on 2020-07-19:
Thank you so much! After spending more than 10 hours on troubleshooting, this was what I needed to address on my side too. Thanks again.


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