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I installed rgbdslam and octomap. Have been trying to run rgbdslam with octomap. Eventual goal is to get the MarkerArray /occupied_cells_vis_array as it should. Some things I've done:


  1. Tried to run kinect+rgbdslam.launch and octomap_server.launch.
  2. Open rviz and nothing is received on the /octomap_point_cloud_array, /occupied_cells_vis_array, /rgbdslam/aggregate_clouds OR /rgbdslam/batch_clouds. The only PointCloud2 topics that displays an output are /camera/depth_registered/points.


  1. Tried to run rgbdslam_octomap.launch. Worked as well, but due to the color_octomap_server_node not found under octomap_server package (I believe there are some posts saying that you need the experimental version of octomap and some posts saying that the octomap_server is by default colored) I edited it so that it reads octomap_server_node.
  2. Runs as well, also gives the same problem as above.


While invoking the above scenario, I ran the following commands:

Runningroswtf gives that node subscription is unconnected: */rgbdslam: */cloud_in

Running rosrun tf view_frames gives camera_link > /camera_rgb_frame > /camera_rgb_optical_frame and camera_link > /camera_depth_frame > /camera_depth_optical_frame. Two branches only.

Runningrostopic_list The expect topics are listed: /cloud_in /octomap_point_cloud_array /occupied_cells_vis_array /rgbdslam/batch_clouds /rgbdslam/aggregate_clouds /tf

Running rosservice call /rgbdslam/ros_ui send_all did not change the above results.

I think it is a mapping issue and that the point clouds are not transformed to the correct topics. I am not sure which point cloud problem it is. Please give some pointers as how I can solve this problem.

EDIT 05/28/14 +1h: The issue lies in the transform. /map is not present in my frames.pdf view. Not sure how to solve this problem either.

EDIT 06/04/14: Solved building octomap using rgbdslam data by recording a .bag file, launching octomap_server, and viewing it in RViz. No fix for continuous rgbdslam mapping and trajectory output found yet.


  <env name="ROSCONSOLE_CONFIG_FILE" value="$(find rgbdslam)/log.conf"/>
  <!--might only work with the experimental octomap (as of May 11)-->
    <include file="$(find openni_launch)/launch/openni.launch"/>
    <node pkg="rgbdslam" type="rgbdslam" name="rgbdslam" cwd="node" required="false" output="log" > 
      <param name="config/topic_image_mono"              value="/camera/rgb/image_color"/>
      <param name="config/topic_points"                  value="/camera/rgb/points"/> <!--if empty, poincloud will be reconstructed from image and depth -->
      <param name="config/wide_topic"                    value=""/>;
      <param name="config/wide_cloud_topic"              value=""/>;
      <param name="config/drop_async_frames"             value="true"/> <!-- Check association of depth and visual image, reject if not in sync -->
      <param name="config/feature_detector_type"         value="SIFTGPU"/><!-- If SIFTGPU is enabled in CMakeLists.txt, use SURF here -->
      <param name="config/feature_extractor_type"        value="SIFTGPU"/><!-- If SIFTGPU is enabled in CMakeLists.txt, use SURF here -->
      <param name="config/matcher_type"                  value="FLANN"/> <!-- FLANN (not avail for ORB features), SIFTGPU (only for SIFTGPU detector)  or BRUTEFORCE-->
      <param name="config/max_keypoints"                 value="700"/><!-- Extract no more than this many keypoints (not honored by SIFTGPU)-->
      <param name="config/min_keypoints"                 value="300"/><!-- Extract no less than this many ... -->
      <param name="config/nn_distance_ratio"             value="0.6"/> <!-- Feature correspondence is valid if distance to nearest neighbour is smaller than this parameter times the distance to the 2nd neighbour -->
      <param name="config/optimizer_skip_step"           value="1"/><!-- optimize every n-th frame -->
      <param name="config/optimizer_iterations"          value="4"/><!-- optimize every n-th frame -->
      <param name="config/store_pointclouds"             value="true"/> <!-- if, e.g., only trajectory is required, setting this to false saves lots of memory -->
      <param name="config/backend_solver"                value="pcg"/>
      <param name="config/individual_cloud_out_topic"    value="/rgbdslam/batch_clouds"/>;
      <param name="config/visualization_skip_step"       value="1"/> <!-- draw only every nth pointcloud row and line, high values require higher squared_meshing_threshold -->
      <param name="config/send_clouds_rate"              value="2"/> <!-- When sending the point clouds (e.g. to RVIZ or Octomap Server) limit sending to this many clouds per second -->
      <param name="config/min_time_reported"             value="0.01"/><!-- for easy runtime analysis -->
      <param name="config/min_translation_meter"         value="0.05"/><!-- frames with motion less than this, will be omitted -->
      <param name="config/min_rotation_degree"           value="1"/><!-- frames with motion less than this, will be omitted -->
      <param name="config/predecessor_candidates"        value="5"/><!-- search through this many immediate predecessor nodes for corrspondences -->
      <param name="config/neighbor_candidates"           value="5"/><!-- search through this many graph neighbour nodes for corrspondences -->
      <param name="config/min_sampled_candidates"        value="5"/><!-- search through this many uniformly sampled nodes for corrspondences -->

    <!-- Launch octomap_server for mappingL: Listens to incoming PointCloud2 data 
    and incrementally build an octomap. The data is sent out in different representations. -->
    <node pkg="octomap_server" type="octomap_server_node" name="octomap_server" output="screen">
      <param name="resolution" value="0.005" />
      <!-- fixed map frame (set to 'map' if SLAM or localization running!) -->
      <param name="frame_id" type="string" value="map" />
      <!-- maximum range to integrate (speedup, accuracy) -->
      <param name="max_sensor_range" value="6.0" />
      <!-- Save octomap here on destruction of the server -->
      <param name="save_directory" value="$(optenv OCTOMAP_SAVE_DIR ./)" />
      <!-- data source to integrate (PointCloud2) -->
      <remap from="cloud_in" to="/rgbdslam/batch_clouds" />

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Solved. The problem of not seeing /rgbdslam/batch_clouds or /occupied_cells_vis_array was solved by this thread: http:// answers.ros.org/question/53228/rgbdslam-cannot-produce-octomap/#53511

The problem is solved by having to "send_file" or ctrl+M in RGBDSLAM view at each frame. Then toggle the topics in RVIZ to show your desired topic.

No solution was given to continuous map building by RGBDSLAM yet. Will be posting questions on this later.

Originally posted by xuningy with karma: 101 on 2014-05-28

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Comment by xuningy on 2014-05-28:
25 pts required to accept your own answer. Anyone that would like to close this for me is appreciated.

Comment by TSC on 2014-06-09:
Hi @loutifner ! Are you trying to do something like online SLAM and map creation for path planning and navigation? I also need what you have achieved so to obtain coordinates of a possible path a exploring UAV can follow. I'll be using rgbdslam+path planing pkg to do it so. Tips needed! Thanks


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