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Hi everyone.

I have been trying to simulate two Turtlebot II on Gazebo.

I wonder if it is possible to perform simulations with time increased several times (pun). I'm not really concerned in visually observe the movements, but I want to run several times the same simulation and store different measurements / data for statistical analysis of the project I'm working on.

Is this kind of high-speed simulation possible in Gazebo?

Originally posted by Carlos Hdz on ROS Answers with karma: 103 on 2014-04-10

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Given that gazebo always performs real-time dynamics simulation, there are limits to the speed that can be achieved on commodity hardware. There are some options though:

  • Get a faster computer

  • Reduce dynamics simulation fidelity (time step, solver iterations). Might make simulation unstable though

  • Reduce scenario/robot complexity (simple geometries, switch off/don't use sensors you don't need)

If you only require a relatively abstract robot model, using Stage or the recently introduced STDR simulator instead might be another option.

Originally posted by Stefan Kohlbrecher with karma: 24361 on 2014-04-10

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Comment by Carlos Hdz on 2014-04-10:
mmm... I will try them... Thank you!


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