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I'm looking for a simple way to display a stereo_msgs/DisparityImage topic using mjpeg_server, which needs images in the sensor_msgs/Image format. I'm getting the disparity image from a Kinect thorough the openNI package.

Is there a simple way to convert the disparity image to a flat image, or will I have to write up a custom process to handle the conversion?

Originally posted by nckswt on ROS Answers with karma: 539 on 2014-03-29

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Comment by vdonkey on 2014-05-05:
Hi, have you work it out? I have the same question

Comment by nckswt on 2014-05-29:
Not yet! I've been distracted by other things to work on, but I'll get back to that soon and post once I have a solution!

Comment by 2ROS0 on 2017-03-16:
@nckswt any solution yet?

Comment by nckswt on 2017-03-16:
I ended up finding a workaround to my problem instead, without having to display the DisparityImage. Sorry, no solution found!


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The stereo_msgs/Disparity Image topic contains a sensor_msgs/Image which you can easily pull out and convert to a 8 bit sensor_msgs/Image using some simple OpenCV operations.

You could imagine something like this:

void disparityCallback(const stereo_msgs::DisparityImagePtr disparity)
    cv::Mat_<float> disparityMat(disparity->image.height,

    cv::Mat_<uint8_t> eightBitDisparityMat = disparityMat * (255/disparity->max_disparity);

    sensor_msgs::Image eightBitDisparity;

    uint32_t imageSize = disparity->image.height * disparity->image.width;

    memcpy(&eightBitDisparity.data[0], &(eightBitDisparityMat.at<uint8_t>(0,0)), imageSize);
    // Populate the rest of the sensor_msgs::Image fields

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