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Hi, i am sonny..i am currently working on arduino and with that i am trying to install ROS. While i am trying to run my first basic code on arduino with ROS, the Hello world code in the ros_lib, i am getting an error like below.. In file included from /opt/ros/hydro/include/ros/node_handle.h:31, from /home/traininghes/arduino-1.5.2/libraries/ros_lib/ros.h:38, from HelloWorld.pde:6: /opt/ros/hydro/include/ros/forwards.h:37: fatal error: boost/shared_ptr.hpp: No such file or directory compilation terminated. i am unable to verify the code since i don't understand the error. It will be appreciated if someone please look at this issue and help me to get out of this problem.


Originally posted by sonny on ROS Answers with karma: 33 on 2014-03-15

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My guess would be that you miss the boost library. on your computer. The message states that the compiler is not able to find shared_ptr.hpp in the boost library.

You should check that the boost library is installed on you computer. I think you can use that command in the terminal to see :

apt-cache pkgnames | grep boost

Originally posted by Maya with karma: 1172 on 2014-03-15

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Comment by sonny on 2014-03-18:
but when i check the boost directory in usr/include/boost, that file shared_ptr.hpp is present there..still i am not able to resolve the error.

please help Now i am getting new error like below; fatal error: ros.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated.

ros.h is already include in the ros library along with where the arduino ide is stored, then why not i is picking it up. please help



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