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I am currently using turtlebot kobuki base with hydro on ubuntu 12.04. With reference to this question, would like to ask where can i edit the has_gyro parameter?

Another question, can I just use robot_pose_ekf to subcribe to my new imu data and do the gmapping using the odom_combined?


Originally posted by chao on ROS Answers with karma: 153 on 2014-03-03

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Regarding your first question, Kobuki has a built-in gyro. The gryo is used to determine the robot's rotation, since it is much more reliable then using the wheels' encoder output difference.

If you like to disable the usage of the gyro for odometry, set the use_imu_heading to false in kobuki_node/param/base.yaml (https://github.com/yujinrobot/kobuki/blob/hydro-devel/kobuki_node/param/base.yaml).

And regarding your second question, yes, you can use robot_pose_ekf to use the data from your extra gyro for gmapping. Just make sure your remap the topics accordingly.

Originally posted by bit-pirate with karma: 2062 on 2014-03-05

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Original comments

Comment by chao on 2014-03-05:
noted, thanks for your answer

Comment by Loneflyer on 2015-10-19:
How would you do the same for a Create base?

Comment by bit-pirate on 2015-12-08:
The Create 1 did not have a gyro built in. So the TurtleBot kit was sold with an external gyro. With this set-up you would need to fuse the odometry data from the Create base with the gyro data using tools like robot_pose_ekf. Don't know what the new Create 2 comes with ...


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