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Hello everyone, I am using ros fuerte on ubuntu 12.04 and have few questions:

  1. Does anyone know how rgbdslam and octomap cooperates?

  2. Is there any possibility to manipulate with map created by rgbdslam?

  3. Is there a possibility to build octomap with octomap_server out of rgbdslam algorithm and visualise it?

  4. Is there possibility to reduce the size of created map? for example to 1-2 meters around robot?

Originally posted by Wilk on ROS Answers with karma: 67 on 2014-02-09

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  1. There are two possibilities: (a) Have rgbdslam send out the clouds+tf transformations and let the octomap_server listen or (b) Use the GUI of rgbdslam to save the map as an octomap (no need to run octomap_server)
  2. No. You can manipulate the octomap using octovis - though this functionality is quite limited.
  3. See 1.
  4. You can (a) set the parameter 'maximum_depth" for rgbdslam (though this will also limit the use of faraway visual features during mapping) or (b) set the max_sensor_range parameter for the octomap_server (only affects map rendering)

Originally posted by Felix Endres with karma: 6468 on 2014-02-14

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Original comments

Comment by Wilk on 2014-02-16:
Do I need an experimental version of octomap- when I save the map with: rosrun octomap_server octomap_saver file.ot I see only a blue cube but if I save it with rgbdslam GUI I can see map. I am working with rosbag files (rgbd_dataset_freiburg2_pioneer_360.bag).

Comment by Felix Endres on 2014-02-19:
The blue cube means no data. So I guess that the data you send from rgbdslam does not arrive at the octomap server.

Comment by Thiagopj on 2014-12-11:
When i use the GUI to save the octomap it saves as .pcd file. Furthermore, when i try to visualize the point cloud i got an error: No points to read. Like you said, i guess the data sent from rgbdslam did not arrive to octomap server. Do you know how can i fix that ?

Comment by Felix Endres on 2015-01-12:
I do not have this problem. Can you just try to rename the file to .ot?

Comment by Thiagopj on 2015-01-12:
Yes, i tried! Using octovis to visualize, the file is empty

Comment by Felix Endres on 2015-01-14:
To clarify, I meant the file saved from the GUI. What is the file size? Any output on the terminal concerning the saving of the octomap?

Comment by Dhagash Desai on 2018-02-14:
Hey Felix!!! Can you expand more on point 1 and yaa I am also getting empty file through GUI. What to do


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