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In tutorial :


When I run:

~/catkin_ws$ ./devel/lib/testbot_description/parser /src/testbot_description/urdf/my_robot.urdf

I get:

[ERROR] [1391452425.205963339]: Could not open file [/src/testbot_description/urdf/my_robot.urdf] for parsing.
[ERROR] [1391452425.206094879]: Failed to parse urdf file

I checked in the directories, both files are already present but still error! Kindly help!

My Ros: Hydro My OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Originally posted by mudassar on ROS Answers with karma: 22 on 2014-02-03

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Comment by hsu on 2014-02-03:
what do you see when you run "ls /src/testbot_description/urdf/my_robot.urdf"?


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There is a dot missing in the second tutorial.

From your catkin workspace, run: ./devel/lib/testbot_description/parser ./src/testbot_description/urdf/my_robot.urdf

It worked for me.

Originally posted by mudassar with karma: 22 on 2014-02-09

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