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So basically, what I want to have is this:

  1. Have ROS collect data, and process this data into a vector. (This is done)

  2. Once the data has been recorded, write the vector to a text file (Not done)

The problem that I have is, how do I stop ros from spinning? How can I then just simply run the function which writes the text to the file?

I've been thinking along the lines of threading, I create a thread that subscribes handles the callback function and another thread that handles writing to the text file. So in essence, the plan would be to have thread1 run for a set amount of time, then halt thread1 and begin to start thread2

Is this possible using ROS? And, is this the only method to solving the above?


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Comment by demmeln on 2014-01-21:
Do you want to do 1) and 2) repeatedly, or just once? In any case try checking out the suggestion by @ahendrix.


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If I understand your problem correctly, use ros::spinOnce() to manually spin. Somewhat along the lines of:

while(ros::ok() && !got_all_data) {

Alternatively if you want to collect all data first and write afterwards, just use ros::spin(); and write the file afterwards. Ctrl-C should stop the spinning. (You might want to test that before doing something critical).

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Why not record the data you're interested in to a bag file, and then process that bag file later using python bag API?

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