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I would like to write to a text file different parameters obtained from different topics (scan, raw_imu, odom). I obtained some parameters in different CallBacks like scanCallback poseCallback, imuCallback. I would like to have those output parameters in on file but synchronized (with same frequency, like for example every 1 second.)

I know that can use the commands

myfile << "timestamp" << "....  "\n";

But I cant make it that all output parameters are written in same time stamp. Like for example

time in sec    parameter1   parameter2   parameter3
1                 value      value        value
2                 value      value        value
3                 value      value        value

I know that laser scaner and Imu publish with different frequencies.

Any help?

Originally posted by Astronaut on ROS Answers with karma: 330 on 2013-12-18

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You could try implementing one callback for all three messages using message_filters. You can either use an exact time policy if all topics are exactly in sync or an approximate time policy to allow small differences between their timestamps. An example and a more detailed description is given here:


In the callback you could finally write the information you need from your three messages into one txt file.



Originally posted by timster with karma: 396 on 2013-12-18

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Original comments

Comment by Astronaut on 2013-12-19:
I cant implement one Callback as the ros topics are from different sensors( laser scan, Imu and Odom), So I need three Callbacks.Whats the option if I do not implement one Callback???

Comment by timster on 2014-01-01:
message_filters allow you to use one callback for multiple messages of any type, so it should not matter if the messages come from different sensors... Or did I miss something? Why do you think you have to use three callbacks?


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